Jumat, 01 November 2013

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Cloning Of Animals: Allowed Or Not Allowed ?
Those who agree with cloning of animals usually argue that the cells produced from them can be used to stop animals from becoming extinct. They also add that cloning has a purpose to produce high quality of cells.
Many species are becoming rarer and rarer. Scientists are concerned if they don’t do something to save certain species, these animals will be extinct forever and this would be a big loss for the animal kingdom. For this, reason, researchers have improved cloning technology so that many rare species can be successfully cloned.
However, not everyone is excited about cloning animals. Some people feel that it could have terrible consequences.For example, if dinosaurs are cloned, then men could be extinct. It is clear that these ferocious beasts cannot live together with humans. In history, these creatures lived several thousand years before men appeared. Can you imagine these giant killing creatures living within the same era and on the same planet with us ?
As a result of this controversy, people still haven’t got the answer yet for cloning animals. Moreover, some members of the scientific community think that banning of cloning technology will destroy the creativity of science.

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